Privacy is a human right, and as a result, I try my best to respect it without hindering my products and services. Here, I’ll explain any phoning-home behavior, data distribution, or data collection that might be done. Don’t worry: it’s very little. Below you can explore how I try to respect your privacy while providing (mostly) free services.

Note: this does not apply to collborative projects, such as Eclipse, which has its own (similar) privacy practices.

Article 1: Released Projects

Any project made by Shuga, including those released under more licenses, may be subject to the following conditions:

Article 2: Website

As previously mentioned, might be communicated to. On top of visiting the site normally, I might do some light analytical collection when this happens. This is due to CloudFlare’s analytics, which uses your IP (Internet Protocol) address and the resource attempted to be fetched to collect anonymous, aggregated data. This data is used to protect from denial-of-service attacks. Collected data includes:

This data is made accessable for up to thirty (30) days. After that, I lose access to it.

In addition, data might be stored on your device this includes:

Article 3: Third Parties and Social Media

Article 4: Freelancing, Commissions, and Private Messaging

Please note that that freelancing services are no longer being offered as of June 2019.

Article 5: Requesting Your Data

If you wish, you can request a copy of all of your data. To do so, contact [email protected], and I will send you a copy of your data in five to seven business days.

You can expect the following to be returned:

Article 6: Law Enforcement Data Requests

I reserve the right to give any data I have to law enforcement, given that a proper warrant was issued.

Shuga is based in the United States of America, as is CloudFlare and GitHub (who operates the servers).

As of 2019-07-25, Shuga has not shared any data with authorities.


I try to minimize as much tracking as possible. I do not use Google Analytics. I do not have databases. I do not have any walled gardens that require a log-in to access. This helps us save operation costs and help you control your data.

If anything in this document seems inaccurate due to a forgotten legacy project, a bug, or an oversight, please contact us at [email protected] or heyitsshuga [at] shuga [dot] co if you plan on using PGP.

I reserve the right to update this at any time. All Privacy Policy updates will be published on the official Shuga Twitter page.