A powerful and flexible home page.

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Simplistic Search.

Get right into browsing.

Casa wants to make your browsing experience better. That's why we put our search bar front-and-center. Between a blazing-fast load time, a buttonless, pre-selected search bar, and DuckDuckGo's Bangs, you can search anywhere in seconds.

Don't want to search? No worries. Casa's search bar can help you visit a specific URL or select one of your bookmarks too!

Auto-Complete in a Press.

Auto-complete, powered by DuckDuckGo.

Complete your search queries with quick instant-selection shortcuts (the up and down keys) by simply adding a file to your web server. Static server? No problem! Auto-complete is completely optional.

Easy-to-use Bookmarks.

Visit your favorite sites with ease.

This isn't just a list of sites with FontAwesome-powered icons. These are aliases to your favorite sites, aliases that can be typed out in the Casa search bar for quick access. Whether you make tw go to Twitter or me too thanks visit a Reddit subreddit, Casa's bookmark system has you covered. Oh yeah, you can also click them if you prefer using a mouse.

Icons, links, hover text, alias strings, and visibility status can all be tweaked with ease, as Casa uses an easy-to-understand JSON syntax for bookmarks.

Dead-simple Theming.

Theme Casa with OpenSkin.

Have a favorite skin on an OpenSkin-compatible application like Eclipse or made your own? Casa will accept it and theme your home page to your preference with little to no effort. Just add the OpenSkin file's contents in the right spot!

Note: Not all skins may be compatible. Contact a skin's developer for more details.

...and more!

There's more to uncover.

See what song is playing with built-in iTunes integration, and click it to instantly search for it on DuckDuckGo (macOS only). Check the current time before you browse the Web, accurate to the second. Cycle through a set of user-defined phrases to wish you a warm welcome. All of these are possible and togglable with Casa.


A powerful and flexible home page.

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