Set Up Casa

Welcome to Casa.

This wizard will help you get your perfect home page set up in a few minutes! Before you start, make sure you can put this file somewhere.

If you want Casa to be available on all your devices: Either host a minimal install on GitHub Pages or set up a full install on a public-facing web server.

If you want Casa to be available on only your computer: You can set up your own locally-run web server and use that! Here's how to get started with that!

Step 1: Select a Theme

Select a Pre-Made Skin

Casa Light

by Shuga

Casa Dark

by Shuga

Dark Mode

by Shuga

Twitter Dark Mode

by Shuga

Alternatively, Add an OpenSkin Skin

Step 2: Choose Your Features


Default Bookmark Label

Live clock

iTunes integration (requires PHP, macOS only)

DuckDuckGo auto-complete (requires PHP)


Put in the greetings you would like to rotate through, seperated by commas.

Step 3: Add Your Bookmarks


Search Aliases:
Font Awesome icon class:
Search for Icons...
Delete Entry

Add Entry

Step 4: Download Casa

Casa is set up! Add the following files to the same directory of your web server:

Note: Your web server needs to support PHP, so services like GitHub Pages will not work!

Download index.html xd Download api.php
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