Q: The spritesheet won't upload to Reddit!
A: Try making the emotes smaller in your favorite image editor, or change the padding in the Emotify settings. If that still doesn't work, try adding in less emotes per spritesheet.

Q: The stylesheet is too big and/or I can't add any more images to Reddit!
A: Emotify can't help you, but this TexturePacker exporter may be of some use, but it isn't as simple as Emotify. Read the README of the exporter for more information.

Q: Can I use this more than once?
A: Yes! Emotify generates a unique 5-character string for each spritesheet. This ensures that you can use Emotify millions of times and not run into any issues (916,132,832 times without repeat).

Q: How do I add these to my subreddit?
A: Follow the following instructions. Don't worry, it's easy!
1) Go to your subreddit's stylesheet and upload the spritesheet generated by the Downloads button. Make sure that the Reddit file name is the same as when you have downloaded it.
2) Paste in the generated CSS code into your subreddit's stylesheet.
3) Save the stylesheet, and use the emote codes generated by the Downloads button.

Q: How do I add images?
A: You can either drag-and-drop the images into the checkered box, or press the Open button and select the images you wish to upload.

Q: I now have emotes on my pony sub. How do I get my emotes into BPM?
A: Click Here!

Q: Is Emotify affiliated with BPM?
A: Although HeyItsShuga helped code parts of BPM, this project is not affiliated with BPM and is developed seperately. In other words, don't submit issues with Emotify to the BPM GitHub page.